On October 20th, the 3rd annual
English recitation contest was held
in theKindergarten Hall. Students
from grade four through grade six
The English teachers introduced the
judges and the contestants.
First, grade fours recited their
poem which they learned durning
the Summer titled, "Rainbow."
"Great job grade fours! Next, grade 5's recited their poem
called, "Animals at school."
That was followed by the grade 6's
presentation of their poem,
"Good Excuse."
"Well done girls!" After each grade presented their
poems, the recitation contest began.
"Good luck to all our contestants!"
The first speaker was from class 4A. 4B 4C
Next up were the grade 5's. (5A) 5B 5C
Lastly the grade 6's recited their
poems. (6A)
6B 6C
The students are enjoying listening
to the speeches.
After the speeches, there was music
intermission while the judges were
deciding on the winners.
After the break, the medals and
prizes were awarded to the students.
"Congratulations" "to all our contests" "We're so proud of you all!"
To conclude the recitation contest,
the judges provided the students
with some comments on the
performances of the contestants.
They did a comedy routine
demonstrating how difficult it is to
recite a poem in foreign language.
They thought the contestants did
a fabulous job!
The contestants with their medals
and book prizes. Thank you for a wonderful
recitationcontest. See you next year!
You can listen to the Winners' voice. Click the link below.(New window opens.)
Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 6